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Nursing Development & Education

Professional Development
At CentraState Medical Center, we place great value on continuing education and we reward the pursuit of excellence.
CentraState is situated near a number of quality colleges and universities, which makes it convenient for our nurses to continue their education near home. We recognize that pursuing advanced education can be costly, so we offer tuition reimbursement to encourage and support our nurses in expanding their knowledge and skills.
CentraState Medical Center provides opportunities for our nurses to earn free contact hours using a variety of methods. Contact hour programs are scheduled during day or night shifts in order to accommodate the needs and schedules of all of our staff. This flexibility allows nurses to stay current in their specialties and earn continuing education hours.
The Professional Development and Education Department supports nurses on every level. Dedicated to the development of staff nurses, educators are assigned to the nursing units to plan, coordinate and implement unit-specific education and competency assessment programs. The Professional Development and Education Department staff serve on all interdisciplinary and nursing committees and assist in policy development and implementation.
Specialized Nurse Educators
We have nurse educators for the following areas:
  • Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory
  • Critical Care
  • Diabetes Inpatient
  • Emergency Department
  • Medical-Surgical
  • Nursing Research
  • Orthopedics/Neurology
  • Psychiatry
  • Telemetry
Nursing Orientation Programs
New-GraduateRN Internship Program:

The RN Internship supports new graduates or nurses looking to work in an area in which they have limited experience. This program offers great flexibility in meeting the individual needs of each participant. It is a time for continued learning as well as an opportunity to develop the confidence and comfort level to work independently as needed in the healthcare setting.
This Internship Program is designed and facilitated by CentraState's Professional Development and Education Department with the goals of:
  • Increasing your clinical skills and helping you develop the technical skills needed for the specialty;
  • Developing your critical thinking skills;
  • Equipping you with effective delegation and organizational skills; and
  • Providing mentorship.

As an RN intern, you initially receive a comprehensive orientation–including a thorough review of policies and procedures, instruction in new technical skills and experience on a Med-Surg rotation.
You then are paired with a trained preceptor on your unit and given a gradual increase in responsibility over time.You also receive off-unit experiences such as with the IV team and Respiratory Therapy Department.
Nurses who are accepted into CentraState's Nurse Internship Program are expected to demonstrate the following:
  • Successful grades in examinations for basic competencies
  • Successful completion of a competency skills checklist
  • Participation in evaluation sessions (written and verbal) during and at conclusion of the program

They are also asked to make a two-year commitment to our institution.
Experienced-Nurse Comprehensive Orientation Program:
This program includes both a classroom RN Orientation–a review of policies, procedures and technical skills– and a clinical orientation with a trained preceptor. The program is flexible to meet each new employee’s individual needs.

Student Nurse Extern Program

CentraState Medical Center offers a 10-week Nurse Extern program during the summer months. The program provides nursing students who are about to enter their senior year the opportunity to work side by side with an experienced nursing professional.
You will learn valuable skills and gain the confidence you need to be successful in nursing. In addition, you participate in a period of classroom orientation before being assigned to the clinical areas. A weekly lecture series designed especially for Nurse Externs is offered. Topics have ranged from skin and wound care, to pain management, to oncology issues, and more.
Through this program, you have the opportunity to apply newly acquired knowledge and skills in the day-to-day practice of nursing. The atmosphere is friendly and the opportunities abound in our progressive community hospital.
Many of our nurse externs have gone on to become MSTs (multiskilled technicians) or PCTs (patient care technicians) and upon graduation have come back to CentraState as new RNs. We must be doing something right!
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