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Cancer Navigator

Supporting Patients & Families Along the Cancer Care Continuum

A cancer diagnosis brings many challenges. Patients and their families may feel overwhelmed by the choices and decisions, and uncertain about the steps to take or where to seek assistance.

CentraState's Cancer Navigator Program supports cancer patients and their families in managing the tasks and problems that can arise while coping with cancer. This support can be provided in various ways, such as educational materials, aid in identifying and accessing resources, referrals to support groups, and patient advocacy. The program involves a wide range of disciplines and makes use of the American Cancer Society’s internet-based referral process. The primary goal is to ensure that cancer patients receive quality diagnostic, therapeutic and support services on a timely basis.

The Cancer Navigator Program is offered at no charge to cancer patients and their families.

What Does the Cancer Navigator Do?

The Cancer Navigator understands the disease process, physician network and health insurance arena, and serves as both a patient resource and advocate. As the name implies, the navigator helps patients to navigate the healthcare system, access appropriate medical, social and financial services and avoid or work around obstacles.

CentraState partners with a wide range of community-based, regional and national organizations. These collaborations further empower the cancer navigator in assisting patients.

How Can the Cancer Navigator Program Help You?

 CentraState's Cancer Navigator Program can assist patients and their families throughout the entire cancer care continuum. Navigation services include:

  • Directing you to resources for diagnosis, treatment, and recovery;
  • Helping you understand your diagnosis;
  • Coordinating appointments with providers to ensure that you receive timely diagnosis
    and treatment;
  • Assisting with arrangements for transportation and child/elder care to help ensure you can make it to your appointments for cancer treatments;
  • Assisting with arrangements for language translation services;
  • Recommending support groups, classes, and other programs for information and support;
  • Linking you with appropriate follow-up services.

Patients and their families may access the Cancer Navigator Program at any point during the patient's diagnosis or treatment. To contact the cancer navigator, please call (732) 637-6365.

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