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Hormone and Immunity Therapy

Sometimes hormone therapy is the right course of treatment for cancer

Hormone therapy is a form of systemic therapy—meaning that it works to add, block, or remove hormones from the body to slow or stop the growth of cancer cells. Hormone therapy may be used to treat different cancers such as breast or prostate cancer. Often, other supportive therapies are given to counter the side effects of the hormones.

Hormone therapy helps prevent cancer cells from getting the hormones they need to grow. At CentraState’s Cancer Center, hormone therapy may also be used in combination with other cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Your doctors and cancer navigators will work closely with you to monitor side effects and make sure you are able to tolerate the hormone therapy. They can also provide you with tips to cope with side effects of hormone therapy.

Biological or immunity therapy

You may have heard of biological therapy, which is also referred to as immunotherapy, biotherapy, or biological response modifier therapy. When you are ill, the cells and organs of your immune system work together to fight bacteria or disease. Biological therapies use or repair the body's immune system to fight cancer. They may also be used to reduce side effects caused by some cancer treatments. This innovative therapy creates biological response modifiers (BRMs) in a laboratory that replicate the BRMs that occur naturally in each person. The goal is to help the body's immune defenses fight against cancer cells 

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