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Mary Martucci, DO Breast Surgical Oncologist

Scope of Practice

Dr. Martucci is a breast surgical oncologist and medical director of the Star and Barry Tobias Women's Health Center. Here, she sees patients for a wide variety of breast health issues including but not limited to:

  • Mammogram and or ultrasound abnormalities
  • Palpable breast lumps
  • Changes in the skin of the breast
  • Second opinion consultations for breast cancer

She provides a comprehensive approach to breast health and will work in cooperation with your gynecologist and primary care physician. (There are many benign breast conditions that are very well handled by your gynecologist, such as: nipple discharge, fibrocystic breast change, breast pain and others.)

Make an Appointment

To make an appointment:

  • Call 732-303-3919 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Martucci
  • Fax all of your medical records relating to your breast problem need to be faxed to the office at 732-294-8526 including your mammogram reports, ultrasound reports, MRI reports, pathology, and or cytology reports
  • Print and fill out the forms located in the right column of this page and bring them with you to your appointment

You will need to bring:

  • Your breast imaging films including mammograms, ultrasounds, and others. Please contact your radiology provider for these.
  • Your insurance cards including referrals if they are required.
  • Co-pays are taken at the time of visit.

What to Expect

This will be an office consultation so you are permitted to wear deodorant and powders as mammograms and surgery will not be performed at this time. First, your health history will be taken by a nurse. As this is being done, Dr. Martucci will review your mammogram, ultrasound, and other imaging studies. She will then review your history and results of your imaging studies with you. At the end of your visit, she will share in detail her recommendations and treatment plan. All of her findings will then be communicated to your referral doctor.

About Breast Health

We understand that being referred to a breast surgeon may make you feel worried or anxious and raise your concerns about breast cancer. It is hard to pick up any magazine or newspaper without reading something about breast cancer. You may have heard that your lifetime risk for developing breast cancer is 1 in 8. Let's put that into perspective:

   Age                           Risk                                         Percentage


1 out of 2,212



1 of 217

Less than 1%


1 out of 50



1 out of 24



1 out of 14



1 out of 10



1 out of 8


National Cancer Institute 1999


If you happen to be in the 12.5% of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer yearly there are many treatments options available. There are 1.6 million breast cancer survivors in the United States.

Overall health is important to us. Key steps to good breast health include:

  • Yearly mammogram after age 40
  • Yearly clinical examination with your GYN health provider
  • Self breast exam

Once your medical records are reviewed appointments are made accordingly. Providing the best breast health care is our primary goal. We look forward to participating in your care.

~Note: If you find a lump or other change in your breast, don’t use a website to try and diagnose it yourself.  There is no substitute for a doctor’s evaluation.  Make an appointment with your gynecologist or primary care doctor.~

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