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Diabetes Services


Diabetes is a chronic disease in which a person's blood sugar levels are higher than normal. This occurs when the body is unable to make enough insulin or utilize it properly. It affects over 26 million Americans, and if not carefully monitored, can lead to heart and kidney disease, stroke, blindness, amputation, and other serious health conditions. Diabetes education is one of the cornerstones for diabetes management. In fact, studies show that people have significantly high success rates in controlling their diabetes when medically monitored and properly educated on disease management. Our diabetes education program is designed to assist you in navigating your diabetes journey. This journey is different for everyone, but the ultimate goal is to reduce your risk of long-term complications and help you live a healthier life.

CentraState’s Novo Nordisk Diabetes Center is recognized by the American Diabetes Association for its excellence in diabetes education.

One-On-One Assessment: The First Step to Successful Diabetes Management

During the one-on-one assessment, you will meet with a diabetes educator who will review your medical history; teach blood glucose monitoring; perform a foot exam that will determine the level of sensitivity in the foot; and provide a preliminary meal plan.

Next, our experienced team of certified diabetes specialists (nurses and dietitians) will work closely with your physician to tailor a diabetes management program that meets your unique needs.

Education Classes and Ongoing Evaluations

After the initial assessment, you will join the group education program that meets for six sessions.

The comprehensive program includes:

  • Survival skills
  • Nutrition, including customized meal plans
  • Blood glucose monitoring
  • Exercise advice and an introduction to our medically supervised Fitness and Wellness Center
  • Stress management
  • Risk reduction techniques

The center also offers insulin start and pump programs, individual sessions, and a support group.

Pre-diabetes classes are also available.

There are two follow-up visits to review goals accomplished and ensure you are responding appropriately to treatment.

Contact Us  

To learn more about CentraState's Novo Nordisk Diabetes Center or to find more upcoming diabetes programs, visit our classes or call (732) 294-2574.

For more information regarding diabetes services and preventive care or to find a primary care physician trained in diabetes care and management, please contact CentraState’s Physician Finder at 866-CENTRA7 (236-8727) or visit Primary Care Services.

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