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Student Health Awareness Center

Play. Discover. Learn.
Imagine a place that makes learning fun and discovery exciting. That’s exactly what you’ll find at the award-winning Student Health Awareness Center (SHAC). Part of CentraState’s Star and Barry Tobias Health Awareness Center, SHAC offers more than 65 age-appropriate programs covering a range of critical topics, including: 
  • Substance awareness prevention
  • Family life
  • Self-esteem
  • Growth and development
  • General health
  • Character education

Programs and workshops are available for Scouts (to help fulfill badge requirements), individuals, community groups and parent/teacher organizations.  We also offer programs and workshops for schools and school professionals. Many of the programs can be brought to schools. The center educates approximately 20,000 New Jersey students each year. 
For more information on the programs we offer, click on the SHAC brochure in the Related Documents box to the right.

Making learning fun through high-tech interaction
All programs are taught by experienced health educators who use dynamic exhibits with props, attention-grabbing audio-visual materials, state-of-the-art exhibits, and progressive instructional models to capture students’ attention and interest. The center houses three amphitheaters complete with 3-D and electronic teaching displays.

TAM (Transparent Anatomical Mannequin) is one of the major teaching tools for general health and human anatomy. She’s a clear plastic, life-sized model of the human female that verbally describes the organs and systems of the body while each is illuminated.

The Student Health Awareness Center's Michelle and Jennifer Tobias Adventure to Health is a high-tech, educational wonderland that allows kids to immerse themselves in the wonders of the human body. In addition to school groups, Adventure to Health is open to families, community groups, Scouts, camps and others. Older kids and adults say they enjoy the experience as well.

The center is a recipient of the Health Research and Educational Trust Award presented by the NJ Hospital Association, and the "Friend of Education" Award presented by the NJ Association of Supervisors of Curriculum Development.

Contact Us

The Student Health Awareness Center is located within the HAC in CentraState’s Star and Barry Tobias Ambulatory Campus at 901 W. Main Street in Freehold, adjacent to CentraState Medical Center.

Call (732) 308-1850 for more information.