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Clinical Trials

CentraState Medical Center is proud to be able to offer eligible patients access to promising new developments in the treatment and prevention of a variety of medical conditions such as cancer and chronic pain through our participation in clinical trials. Clinical trials are studies designed to test new therapies, drugs or medical devices in humans after they have been fully tested in the laboratory and in animals but before they are available to the general public.

The clinical trials offered at CentraState are the same as those offered at major healthcare centers. And they are managed by specialists who hail from some the finest medical institutions in the country. 

Safety Is Paramount
Although clinical trials and other forms of research have led to significant improvements in the medical field, there is always the concern for patient safety, privacy and human rights. The federal government requires that every institution that conducts medical research with public funds establish an Institutional Review Board (IRB).

CentraState Medical Center's IRB assures that biomedical and behavioral research is conducted ethically at our facility and complies with federal rules and regulations for the protection of trial participants. The IRB reviews studies before and during research to protect patients' rights and welfare. Our IRB consists of 10 members with relevant medical, scientific and social services backgrounds. Two are community members with no other ties to CentraState Medical Center. In addition, there are five designated alternate IRB members. 

How Can Patients Be Considered for Participation in a Clinical Trial?
Participating trial physicians must refer patients to our clinical trials. If you and your physician believe you fit the trial criteria, contact us and we will set up an evaluation appointment with a participating physician. 
How Is Eligibility Determined?
Clinical trials have specific eligibility criteria. A participating trial physician and our clinical research nurse will work with you to determine if you meet them. 
How Are Clinical Trials Conducted?
Clinical trials are tightly controlled. They require a significant commitment from the participating medical team and their patients. To determine the effects of the therapies, drugs or devices being studied, patients need to be monitored closely. Ongoing physical exams, diagnostic imaging studies (e.g., X-rays) and/or blood tests may be part of the trial process. 
What Is the Role of the Clinical Research Nurse?
In addition to overseeing the administrative components of the trial and serving as the liaison between the medical center and the trial sponsor, CentraState’s clinical research nurse works closely with patients and their families to help make the trial process flow smoothly. She helps patients to understand informed consent forms, coordinates appointments, documents results, answers questions, and provides support and guidance throughout the research process. 
How Can I Learn More About Clinical Trials and Other Research Studies at CentraState?
For a summary of clinical trials and other research studies currently open at CentraState, click here
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For more information about CentraState's Research Department call (732) 294-5874