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Mother Baby Bonding

Practice Togetherness.
Why 24-hour rooming-in with your baby is so beneficial.

Better Sleep
  • Babies who room-in with their mothers sleep deeper and for longer periods of time. 
  • Mothers sleep better when babies room-in with them
Promotes Bonding
  • Mothers can learn about their newborn's responses and behaviors.
  • Mothers become more confident in caring for baby at home.
Less Jaundice
  • Babies who room-in have a decreased occurrence of jaundice.

Promotes Feeding

  • Mothers learn to recognize baby's hunger cues and feed on-demand.
  • Mothers and babies have more skin-to-skin contact which can help promote breastfeeding.

Healthier Baby

  • Babies cry less, which conserves more energy.
  • babies feed more frequently, which increases milk supply, helps the baby gain more weight and gives the baby immunity against infections.

Promotes Education

  • Increases learning opportunities.
  • Improves communication between family and staff.