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Perinatology Program

If you anticipate or are experiencing a high-risk pregnancy, CentraState can help give you the reassurance you need in planning for a healthy delivery.

Our Maternal Fetal Medicine Program, operated in conjunction with Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, provides a highly-skilled team of perinatologists (OBGYNs who are specially trained in the care of women with high-risk pregnancies), ultrasonographers, and other healthcare professionals. They have access to the most up-to-date medical information and state-of-the-art medical technology, combined with the caring, sensitivity and understanding needed to meet the special requirements of women with high-risk pregnancies. 
Maternal Fetal Medicine Program Offerings

Pre-Pregnancy Consultations for women who have ongoing medical problems or who have had medical or pregnancy-related complications in a prior pregnancy.

Perinatal Consultations for women who are experiencing complications in a current pregnancy.

Joint Management for pregnant women who require high-risk care with specialists, but would like to continue care with their primary OBGYN as well. These services include collaborative care with your primary OBGYN and the maternal fetal medicine specialists. Your primary OBGYN remains involved in your care and in all decisions.

Complete Antenatal Care for women requiring high-risk pregnancy supervision throughout their entire pregnancies or who develop a high-risk condition at any point during their pregnancy.

The Perinatology Program is located adjacent to the postpartum unit in CentraState’s First Impressions Maternity Center. To schedule an appointment, call (732) 294-2778.