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Primary Care Services

A primary care physician, a family doctor or internal medicine doctor, is usually the first doctor you go to when you aren’t feeling well. But the role of a primary care physician in a patient’s life extends far beyond that initial visit—a primary care physician is an essential partner in a person’s health and well being. A trusted relationship with a primary care physician can last a lifetime and keep you and your family’s health on the right path.

The Path to Good Health
Visiting a family doctor or internal medicine doctor annually is the first step you can take to maintain good health and prevent illness. Your family doctor or internal medicine doctor will get to know your medical history and lifestyle, and can help you find the best way to live a healthy life. Your family doctor will be able to identify any risk factors you may have for disease and recommend appropriate lifestyle modifications for healthier outcomes.

Trained in Family Medicine or Internal Medicine, a primary care physician, can manage chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, depression and back pain. A family doctor or internal medicine doctor can answer many questions you may have about such things as medications, diet, and exercise. A primary care physician also can help diagnose symptoms you may be suffering due to chronic medical conditions, including diabetes symptoms and hypertension symptoms.

A family doctor or internal medicine doctor also can refer you to appropriate specialists when needed, such as a cardiologist (heart), hematologist/oncologist (blood/tumors) or nephrologist (kidneys). In addition, a primary care physician will help you navigate through the healthcare system. For example, if you should require a hospital stay or have questions concerning insurance, your primary care physician can help steer you in the right direction and get the answers you need. A primary care physician serves as your primary or first stop for all your medical needs, and is your strongest advocate in your healthcare journey. Choosing a family doctor or internal medicine doctor can be a difficult decision. Whomever you choose for your and your family’s primary care should be a physician you feel the most comfortable sharing your personal and family’s healthcare history and decision making choices.

Your Trusted Source for Family and Internal Medicine Physicians
CentraState Healthcare System is committed to increasing access to primary care physicians as part of its mission to build a healthier community. CentraState offers a strong network of more than 75 board-certified family medicine and internal medicine physicians who are on staff at the medical center. As a teaching hospital in Family Medicine through its Family Medicine Residency Program, CentraState is helping ensure that new family doctors will continue to practice in the community for generations to come. In addition, CentraState’s Geriatric Fellowship Program is integral to its goal of providing for the special health and wellness needs of the seniors in the community.

Contact Us
To find family medicine or internal medicine physician, call 866-CENTRA7 (866-236-8727), or visit the Physician Finder to view CentraState’s Primary Care physicians.

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