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High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a chronic medical condition which affects many adults. The cause for high blood pressure is often unknown. If not treated properly, high blood pressure can become fatal. High blood pressure can usually be treated with medication and lifestyle changes.

CentraState’s primary care doctors (either a family doctor or internal medicine doctor) are highly trained to treat many conditions including high blood pressure, and other illnesses which may occur from having high blood pressure. High blood pressure can often damage a person’s heart, brain, eyes and kidneys before the condition is diagnosed. Routine yearly visits to your primary care or family doctor can help determine if you have high blood pressure because you would get regular blood pressure screenings. Since often there are no symptoms present with high blood pressure, the only way to determine if a person has high blood pressure is through blood pressure screenings.

There are several risk factors for developing high blood pressure that a person must be aware of. A family history of high blood pressure, advanced age, lack of exercise, a poor diet and excess weight all play a factor in high blood pressure symptoms and development. Women over the age of 65 have a much higher percentage of developing high blood pressure than men. High blood pressure risks should be discussed with your CentraState family doctor or internal medicine doctor if you feel you may be prone to developing high blood pressure.

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