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Internal Medicine

Internal medicine at CentraState Medical Center provides advanced care to adults for a wide range of illnesses including diabetes and high blood pressure and other health issues such as weight management. Internal medicine focuses on the preventative care, diagnosis and treatment of an adult patient’s specific condition. Physicians who practice internal medicine usually focus on general internal medicine, or may take additional training to "subspecialize" in other specific areas of internal medicine, such as cardiology.

A physician who practices internal medicine is often referred to as an "internist" and is usually pursued by other physicians when in need of consult on a patient’s condition in which the physician is having difficulty diagnosing. Internists can care for hospitalized and ambulatory patients. Physicians practicing internal medicine should not be confused with a family doctor. Internal medicine training consists of long clinical training and has special training in the use of prescription drugs instead of other medical training specialties, such as surgery. CentraState’s internists are highly trained and offer specialized care when treating CentraState Medical Center’s patients.

Contact Us
For more information regarding CentraState’s Internal Medicine Program or to find an internal medicine physician, please search our Physician Finder or call 866-CENTRA7 (236-8727).