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Emergency Mental Health

CentraState’s Emergency Mental Health Services can provide immediate assessment, supportive crisis counseling, education, and referrals. Anxiety, depression, substance abuse, domestic violence, and chronic mental health issues are some of the conditions addressed by our professional staff through CentraState’s 24-hour emergency crisis hotline and on site at the Medical Center’s Emergency Department.
Accessing Emergency Mental Health Services
Help is just a phone call away for all age groups through our 24-hour hotline: (732) 780-6023.
Patients or family members who call the crisis hotline speak with a counselor—an experienced, specially trained social worker—who listens to their concerns, assesses their needs and offers suggestions and appropriate referrals, possibly eliminating the necessity for admission to the Emergency Department.
The counselor may request that the individual come to CentraState’s Emergency Department for a more extensive assessment. At the Emergency Department, the individual receives a thorough physical, mental health, and psychosocial evaluation performed by certified mental health staff.
Following the assessment, a treatment plan is created with active input from the individual and/or family. After-care support from the crisis staff assures that placement and treatment goals are attained. For patients discharged to outpatient programs, Emergency Psychiatric Services assists with appointments, intermediary care, and appropriate referrals.

Contact Us
To access CentraState’s Mental Health Services, call (732) 294-2806 Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., or our 24-hour hotline at (732) 780-6023.