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Inpatient Mental Health

CentraState Medical Center provides quality inpatient mental health services on a secure 19-bed unit that is fully staffed and equipped to treat a wide range of psychological, emotional and behavioral problems in individuals 18 and older, including the geriatric population. Treatment focuses on the unique medical, psychological, cognitive, neurological, and occupational conditions of each individual.
Inpatient care may be appropriate for patients who present a danger to themselves or others or whose condition has rendered them unable to care for themselves. The goals of inpatient care are to stabilize the acute emotional and psychological issues that precipitated admission to the hospital, and to improve coping skills, socialization, self-care, and daily and occupational functioning.

A Multidisciplinary Approach
The multidisciplinary inpatient treatment team includes psychiatrists, a PhD-degreed psychologist, psychiatric nurses, certified therapists, social workers, and activity and occupational therapists. Together they create a comprehensive, personalized treatment plan for each patient—simultaneously addressing psychological, biological, social, and medical concerns to bring about the best patient outcomes. Psychiatrists provide in-depth evaluations 24 hours a day, seven days a week to monitor patients' progress in response to ongoing treatment.
Treatment includes daily visits with the psychiatrist, any required follow-up with medical doctors, group psychotherapy, activity and recreational therapy, marital and family therapy, and substance abuse evaluation, counseling and education. Dietary counseling and treatment for substance-withdrawal complications are provided where appropriate. Pastoral care is also available for members of all religious faiths.

Assessing Progress
The patient meets with the team within 24 hours of admission to develop the treatment plan. Communication is key. The patient and his or her treatment team meet regularly to assess progress. Healthcare providers that the patient may have outside of the inpatient unit are kept informed of treatment as well.
With the patient’s permission, family members are encouraged to participate in the care plan. Family therapy is available and free education and support is provided to family members of both currently admitted patients and those who have been recently discharged from the unit.

When inpatients are ready for discharge, we support successful after-care by providing the appropriate outpatient follow-up, including referrals to any necessary outpatient services and linkage to a wide range of community resources—such as social services and mental health agencies.

Contact Us
For more information about CentraState’s Mental Health Services, call (732) 294-2806.