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Sports Performance

Want to run faster? Swing harder? Play better? Prevent injury? CentraState Sports Performance is an in-depth evaluation and training program that helps children and adults take their athletic skills and abilities to the next level.
What Is Sports Performance Training?
Sports performance training teaches individuals to maximize their athletic performance and prevent future injuries. Performance specialists work with clients on muscular balancing and movement mechanics, and help them to improve speed, agility, strength, power, conditioning, and reaction time.
About CentraState Sports Performance 
CentraState Sports Performance is designed for both recreational and competitive athletes of all ages.
  • The program is led by a physical therapist who served as a strength and conditioning coach and assistant athletic trainer for the NBA Philadelphia 76ers.
  • All trainers are sports performance experts and athletes.
  • The program offers the only functional movement screen and selective functional
  • movement assessment training available in Central and Southern New Jersey.
  • Maximum 8:1 trainees to coach ratio.
  • High speed video analysis allows you to view your body movements and correct
  • your technique.
  • Vibraflex® whole-body vibration helps improve strength and balance without the
  • constraints of conventional exercise.

All participants undergo an initial, one-on-one assessment with a sports performance specialist. The assessment includes motion analysis, injury assessment, jumping, landing and pivoting analysis, and gait analysis. This assessment, along with your age and training goals, allows the performance specialist to determine your skill level.
Should your initial assessment uncover a pre-existing medical condition or injury that precludes you from training, you can be referred to the on-site physical therapy team that is trained in sports performance, and you can rejoin the program once you recover.

The Workout - Part II
The second half of the workout focuses on strength training to help you improve your performance in competitive or recreational sports. Each athlete follows a progressively more challenging exercise routine.
Training includes:
  • Olympic lifting techniques
  • Functional strength training
  • Linear and lateral conditioning
  • Strong focus on basic and correct technique

The Workout - Part I

Once your skill level is determined, you can begin your workouts. The first half of the workout focuses on improving your ability to move. Training includes:
  • Myofascial release (foam rolling techniques)
  • Flexibility and muscle activation
  • Balance and stabilization
  • Speed development
  • Acceleration and deceleration techniques
  • Linear and lateral movement mechanics
  • Core (abdominal) strength
  • Explosive power
  • Injury reduction

Contact Us
For more information about Centrastate's Sports Performance Programs to help you achieve your athletic goals, call (609) 371-0500.