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Women’s Health Center Services

The Star and Barry Tobias Women's Health Center provides advanced treatments within an environment created just for women. Centrastate’s professional staff help make your treatments and experiences at the Women’s Health Center as comfortable as possible. The Women’s Health Center at CentraState provides the following services for women:

Digital Mammography
The Women’s Health Center is proud to offer digital mammography—providing you with the highest quality of care in the prevention and early detection of signs of breast cancer. We are accredited by the American College of Radiology.

Exceptional Images and Faster Results
Mammography is a safe, noninvasive technique for taking breast X-rays in order to detect changes in breast tissue which can be an early sign of breast cancer. While traditional (analog) mammography involves film, with digital mammography the images are captured electronically for immediate viewing on a computer screen—reducing the time you spend in the exam suite. And your images are easily stored and transferred electronically, if needed.

With digital mammography, the structures within breast tissue can be visually enhanced to better detect changes in the breast such as calcifications or masses that may be early signs of breast cancer. Early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer offers the best chance for successful treatment.

When combined with monthly breast self-exams and an annual examination by a physician, mammography has a high success rate in detecting changes in breast tissue. The American Cancer Society recommends that all women have their first, baseline mammogram between the ages of 35 and 39. This baseline mammogram is then used as a standard of comparison for subsequent mammograms. An annual screening is advised starting at age 40, and is extremely important for detecting any early signs of breast cancer.

Bone Densitometry
Bone densitometry is a non-invasive technology that measures bone mass. Bone mass is the weight of the skeleton overall or in specific regions. It is most important to measure bone mass in the spine, hips, and arms because these are the areas most likely to fracture when bone mass is low. The amount of bone you have in your skeleton determines how strong it is and how much trauma or force it can withstand.

Bone densitometry is an essential tool in osteoporosis detection. Osteoporosis is a silent, progressive disease characterized by decreased bone density and increased bone fragility, with a susceptibility to fracture. Women are at the greatest risk for osteoporosis.

Stereotactic Needle Biopsy (STNB)
Stereotactic Needle Biopsy (STNB) is a core biopsy that uses X-rays and computer coordinates. It offers a groundbreaking alternative to standard, open surgical biopsy. STNB procedures are performed in an outpatient setting using local anesthesia. During this procedure, small samples of tissue are removed from the breast for analysis using a hollow needle. This revolutionary diagnostic procedure is less invasive, less painful, and less costly than traditional surgical biopsy.

Breast Needle Localization
Prior to surgery, a radiologist localizes the area in the breast to be biopsied by inserting a guidewire. The guidewire "hooks" around the area in the breast to be biopsied. The patient is then immediately transported to the Operating Room, where the surgeon makes an incision in the breast following the guidewire and accurately excises the targeted breast tissue.

Ultrasound-Guided Breast Biopsy
Ultrasound-guided breast biopsy is useful when suspicious changes are detected through mammograms and ultrasounds, but no abnormality can be felt during the breast exam. The minimally invasive procedure involves no exposure to radiation, is performed in an outpatient setting, and takes less time than a traditional surgical biopsy.

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For more information about services and treatments at The Star and Barry Tobias Women's Health Center , call (732) 294-2626. To make an appointment at the Women’s Health Center, please call (732) 294-2778.