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Nutrition & Weight Management


Eat Well. Live Better.

Getting “nutrition smart” not only helps you manage your weight, but it is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

CentraState’s Star and Barry Tobias Health Awareness Center offers nutrition and weight loss programs for adults, children, and families.  Programs include:

  • Group Weight Loss Program:  Taught by a registered dietitian, this eight-week nutrition and fitness program teaches participants how to release the power of their bodies to control weight and reduce health risks.  Audience-specific exercise with a fitness professional is part of each class.
  • Individual Nutrition Consultations:  A registered dietitian will design a personalized approach to healthy eating, weight management or sports nutrition.  Consultations are available for adults and children.  By appointment only.
  • Metabolic Analysis:  This quick, non-invasive procedure provides clients with detailed information about their body’s daily calorie needs and metabolic rate, which can help with fine-tuning weight management efforts.  By appointment only.
  • Cooking Programs:  Aspiring cooks of all ages can bring out their “inner chef” by preparing and sampling foods that are both delicious and nutritious.  Printed recipes provided.
  • Bariatric Surgery Pre-Operative Education Program:  Registered patients receive specialized education from a registered dietitian and a registered nurse prior to weight loss surgery.  For more information, call 866-CENTRA7   (1-866-236-8727)

Speakers are available to provide nutrition programs to community organizations, schools, and corporations.

Contact Us:

The Health Awareness Center is located at CentraState’s Star and Barry Tobias Ambulatory Campus, 901 West Main Street, adjacent to CentraState Medical Center.

For more information on nutrition and weight management programs, visit our classes or call (732) 308-0570.