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Rehabilitation Services

The OceanFirst Rehabilitation Center offers comprehensive services to aid in the recovery from injury, stroke, illness, surgery and other physical setbacks. Our highly skilled and experienced staff work with you and your physician to create a personalized treatment plan designed to support you in regaining function and achieving an enhanced quality of life.
Rehabilitation services are also now available at CentraState's Medical Office in Monroe. Click here for more information.

Aquatic Therapy
Patients can perform low-impact exercises at the largest aquatic therapy center in New Jersey, which features a HydroWorx® pool that allows patients to walk on a submerged treadmill, a junior Olympic-size lap pool, a therapy pool, and a hot tub. Find out more information about CentraState's Aquatic Therapy Program.

Balance and Dizziness Program
The OceanFirst Rehabilitation Center’s Balance and Dizziness Program offers a state-of-the-art facility and highly trained staff specializing in the treatment of: frequent falls, walking disorders, feelings of dizziness or vertigo, and balance deficits. Find out more information on CentraState's Balance and Dizziness Program.

Cancer Rehabilitation
Inpatient Services: Ideal for patients needing early mobilization, strengthening, ADL (activities of daily living) training and speech services. Rehabilitation specialists are readily available to consult with and support each patient's clinical team and develop a program best suited to each patient's needs and capabilities.
Outpatient Services: Includes specialized physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy programs. Additionally, CentraState's Health Awareness Center offers integrative therapy programs — such as Lebed, yoga, Reiki, T'ai Chi, raindrop technique and massage therapy — as well as exercise programs appropriate for recovering cancer patients.
Find out more information about Cancer Rehabilitation.

Cardiac Rehabilitation
Our program offers a three-phase approach to achieving improved physical and emotional health. The program is appropriate for adults who have been diagnosed with cardiovascular conditions such as angina, and those recovering from a heart attack or a cardiac procedure, such as coronary angioplasty, coronary bypass surgery, heart valve surgery or heart transplant. Find out more information about Cardiac Rehabilitation.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBO)

HBO can provide lifesaving treatment for carbon monoxide poisoning and smoke inhalation. It can also enhance the advanced wound care offered at our Central Jersey Wound Treatment Center. Many patients with osteomyelitis, chronic non-healing wounds, and diabetic ulcers of the feet and legs that have resisted traditional medical and surgical management may heal with HBO therapy and avoid the possible need for amputation. The medical director of our HBO program a board-certified hyperbaric physician and surgeon. Find out more information about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Program.

Lymphedema Program
We offer one of the largest programs in the state to help overcome lymphedema, a painful swelling of the limbs that is an occasional side effect of certain cancer treatments. Find out more information about CentraState's Lymphedema Program.

Occupational Therapy
After a stroke, loss of a limb or other life-altering event, it may be necessary to relearn certain daily activities of life—such as cooking, cleaning or grooming. Our Occupational Therapy program includes a simulated, real-home setting with a bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom to help patients regain the skills they need for self-sufficiency.

Pediatric Physical Therapy
CentraState Medical Center's Department of Rehabilitation offers Pediatric Physical Therapy services for premature infants, toddlers, school aged children, and adolescents. We are proud to offer both land based and aquatic therapy at the new Rehabilitation and Fitness Center in the Ambulatory Campus. Find out more information about CentraState's Pediatric Physical Therapy.

Physical Therapy
Patients regain strength, balance, flexibility and stamina after an accident, surgery or stroke through various exercise activities. Find out more information about CentraState's Physical Therapy.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation
The Pulmonary Rehabilitation program includes up to 36 one-hour rehab sessions. Entry into the program requires a referral from a physician, and patients must complete a six-minute walk test or a cardiopulmonary stress test before beginning the program. Find out more information about CentraState's Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program.

Speech‑Language Pathology
In addition to learning how to pronounce certain sounds, individuals of all ages turn to speech therapy for help with understanding speech as well as overcoming various swallowing disorders. Find out more information about CentraState;s Speech-Language Pathology Program.

Spine Rehabilitation Program
Our experienced clinicians work with you and your physician to provide more treatments options and customized solutions for relieving your pain and improving your function. We are one of only 15 certified spine centers in the country and one of only two in New Jersey certified by the world renown McKenzie Institute International. Patients are generally accepted by physician referral. Find out more information about CentraState's Spine Rehabilitation Program.

Sports Medicine
Following a sports-related injury or orthopedic surgery, a special approach is required for full recovery. Our experienced and caring team of sports medicine specialists is ready to get you back in the game. Find out more information about CentraState's Sports Medicine Program.

The Central Jersey Wound Treatment
A team of advanced practice nurses physical therapists; board-certified physician specialists including podiatrists and general, vascular and plastic surgeons work together to diagnose and treat multiple types of wounds. Find out more information about The Central Jersey Wound Treatment Center.

The Multiple Sclerosis Center
Developed with the support of the Mid-Jersey Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, our center brings comprehensive care and support to people with MS and their families. Find out more information about CentraState's Multiple Sclerosis Center.

Contact Us
Call the OceanFirst Rehabilitation Center at (732) 294-2700 for more information.