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Cancer Surgery

The Statesir Cancer Center at CentraState offers leading-edge surgical cancer treatments provided by experienced oncology surgeons.

These specialists and subspecialists are highly trained in advanced minimally invasive surgical procedures, including robotic surgery and video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS). Surgery may be used along with other treatments like chemotherapy or radiation therapy given before or after the operation, but surgery can also be used alone.

CentraState’s daVinci Robotic Surgical System

If you’re facing surgery for prostate, colon, kidney, or bladder cancer, your doctor may determine that you might be a candidate for robotic surgery. It allows surgeons to make tiny minimally invasive incisions—resulting in less pain and a faster recovery with fewer complications and scarring.

VATS - Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery

  • For patients with lung cancer, Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery, known as VATS, is a significant advancement in the minimally invasive treatment of lung cancer. Two of CentraState’s thoracic surgeons pioneered the procedure and have completed more than 7,500 video-assisted surgeries.
  • VATS is used to treat cancer, pneumothorax, infection, cysts and other thoracic disorders. The surgery involves making four very small incisions to insert a tiny video camera called a thorascope and miniature surgical instruments. With VATS versus traditional surgery, there is no rib injury, no rib spreading, a shorter operating time, mild to moderate pain, lower incidence of complications, and a faster recovery.

Other Surgeries for Cancer

CentraState also offer same-day surgery to diagnose cancer and relieve problems related to cancer. Surgeons use minimally invasive techniques for breast biopsies, pain management procedures and reconstructive plastic surgery.