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Newly Diagnosed

A diagnosis of cancer can be overwhelming and scary. Patients and their families are faced with lot of decisions to make in a short amount of time. At CentraState, we believe patients should take an active and informed role in their care. Here are some items you should consider when faced with a new diagnosis.

Cancer Diagnosis Details and Prognosis

Before you make any decisions, you’ll want to understand the details of your diagnosis and what your prognosis is. Learn the name of your specific type of cancer, its size (or stage) and location, where it started and if it has spread.

Your prognosis is your doctor’s best estimate of how the cancer will progress and whether it will respond to treatment. Cancers that are found in the early stages may only need minor treatment. Others with advanced cancer or an aggressive cancer with a low survival rate may have fewer treatment options.

Discuss with your doctor the cancer treatment options available and their success rate in treating your type and stage of cancer. Your cancer care team should be able to explain to you expected side effects of treatments as well. You will want an accurate understanding of all of these details in order to make an informed decision on your treatment.

Whatever decision you make, it’s important that it is made in consultation with your loved ones and your cancer care team.

Second Opinion

Cancer treatment decisions should be made when you have all the information available to you and this may include getting a second opinion. In most cases, you will have the time to get a second opinion before deciding and it can go a long way in helping you feel more secure about your cancer diagnosis and treatment plan. If you are seeking a second opinion, CentraState’s physician finder can provide you with a referral.

Cost/Insurance Coverage

Even if most of your costs are covered by insurance, cancer care and treatment can be costly. It’s important to find out what is and is not covered by your policy. But worrying about how you’ll pay for your treatment is the last thing you should be focusing on. If you have trouble paying your bills, CentraState’s cancer navigators can provide you with resources that can help.


Many people think they have to travel long distances for the best cancer care. But the truth is that for the most common cancers, you don’t have to go far. You can get world-class cancer care right here at CentraState. This alleviates the cost and time associated with travel to metropolitan cancer centers. Learn more about the Statesir Cancer Center at CentraState’s quality awards.

Next Steps

If you decide to proceed with cancer treatment, then it’s time to choose an oncologist (cancer doctor) and a hospital where the treatment will be carried out. To find an oncologist or learn more about the Statesir Cancer Center at CentraState, please call 855-411-CANCER or fill out a Request More Information form today.