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Medical Director's Message

Alexander Itskovich, MD, Medical Director at Statesir Cancer Center at CentraState shares a message about CentraState’s cancer care and its team.

The Statesir Cancer Center at CentraState has always been dedicated to providing the highest level of quality care with a personal touch. Now, we’re building even more on this strong foundation.

Our mission is to deliver cancer care unlike anywhere in New Jersey – and to do so while maintaining a comfortable, personalized approach. This means providing coordinated care that encompasses both mind and body, with nurse navigators to assemble an interdisciplinary team for each patient, handle every logistical detail, reduce stress, and enable a focus on healing. At CentraState, personalized care also means tapping into the power of genetics to tailor treatment options to each individual and type of cancer, leading to better outcomes.

In addition to providing the latest advances in surgery, we are expanding clinical expertise across a wider range of treatment areas. Our clinical research trial options are increasing, providing access to the latest protocols and innovative treatments. We’re also heavily focused on cancer prevention and early detection, from the availability of self-referred mammograms to offering one of the only high-risk pancreatic screening programs in the state.

In collaboration with the cancer team, I am personally committed to ensuring safe, high-quality care for every patient who enters our doors. We’re honored to put our patients and our community at the forefront of our efforts as we continue to both tailor and broaden our services to provide world-class care.


Alexander Itskovich, MD
Medical Director
Statesir Cancer Center at CentraState