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Corporate Wellness Program

Corporate Wellness Programs2024-05-22T16:28:24-04:00

For an organization to thrive, it’s crucial to have a happy, healthy team. That’s where CentraState’s Corporate Wellness Program steps in! Our team of clinicians are here to provide your employees the tools they need to live their best lives. Whether it’s staying active, managing stress, or living a healthier lifestyle, we’ve got you covered. And the best part? Our program is totally customizable, so you can pick and choose the services that fit your team best. With a crew that consists of registered nurses, health educators, physical therapists, certified health coaches, and more, we’re here to make sure your team is in top shape – both physically and mentally.



More About On-Demand Courses & Virtual Coaching

Lifestyle Programs:
  • Weigh of Life (Weight Management – 20 sessions)
  • Positively Plants (Healthy Eating – 8 sessions)
  • Safe Yoga (Stress Reduction – 4 sessions)
  • A Time to Quit (Smoking Cessation – 6 sessions)
  • Get the Low-Down on Down There (Pelvic Floor – 7 sessions)
  • Maternal Child Health (Childbirth, Infant Care, Breastfeeding – 44 Sessions)
  • Healthy Aging Wellness Program (Retirement Wellness – 25 Sessions)
  • Caregiver Program (Family)
Wellness Lectures:
  • Let It Go (Stress Reduction)
  • Meditations (Stress Reduction)
  • Morning Calm (Stress Reduction)
  • Zzzz Get Some Sleep (Stress Reduction)
  • Breath Break (Stress Reduction)
  • Stress Eating (Nutrition)
  • Food Facts VS Fiction (Nutrition)
  • Stronger Bones, Stronger You (Nutrition)
  • Boost Immunity through Real Food (Nutrition)
  • Healthy Eating on Special Occasions (Nutrition)
  • Yoga for Healthy Joints (Exercise)
  • Rise and Shine with Sun Salutations (Exercise)
  • Get Fit, Don’t Sit (Exercise)
  • At-Home Exercises (Exercise)
  • Dance Fitness (Exercise)
  • Finding Your Balance (Balance)
  • Posture Improvement (Balance)
  • The CentraState Daily 5 (Lifestyle Management)
  • Congestive Heart Failure: The Essentials (Lifestyle Management)
  • Hypertension Management (Lifestyle Management)

All members will have access to a certified health coach who will work closely with them each step of the way.

The journey begins with a thorough assessment of their goals and challenges during a personalized consultation call. The health coaches will then serve as a trusted partner, providing expert guidance, accountability, and motivation to help members stay on track.

Throughout each member’s journey, our health coaches will be there to celebrate their successes, offer support during setbacks, and provide practical strategies to help them make lasting changes.


  • Show employees that you care: Your employees are your most valuable asset. Providing access to a program that will boost their health and wellness will show them that you care, leading to a happier and healthier workforce.
  • Attract and retain talent: A focus on employee health contributes to a positive company culture that values the well-being of its workforce. This will make the organization more attractive to potential employees and will also contribute to retaining existing talent.
  • Reduce absenteeism: Through initiatives that promote healthier lifestyles, prevent chronic conditions, and offer support for managing stress and mental health, we help employees stay healthier and less prone to illness.
  • Lower health care costs: Wellness initiatives lower costs of health care for businesses by encouraging proactive wellness programs and offering employees cost-effective, convenient, and quality care. According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, wellness programs have a median return on investment of up to three dollars for every dollar spent.

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