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Financial Resources

Financial Resources2024-06-04T16:34:51-04:00

A list of financial resources can be found below. These include Price Transparency, Chargemaster, Inpatient Average Charges, Audited Financial Statement and the IRS Form 990.

Price Transparency

CentraState determines its standard charges for patient items and services through the use of a chargemaster system, which is a list of charges for the components of patient care that go into every patient’s bill. These are the baseline rates for items and services provided at CentraState. The charges listed provide only a general starting point in determining the potential costs of an individual patient’s care at CentraState. This list does not reflect the actual out-of-pocket costs that may be paid by a patient for any particular service. Individuals with questions about their out-of-pocket costs of service and other financial information should contact their insurance company or the hospital for further information.


The hospital chargemaster is a comprehensive listing of items billable to a patient or a health insurance provider. This information is not necessarily useful for determining out-of-pocket expenses or comparison shopping between hospitals. Patients seeking an estimate of out-of-pocket expenses prior to receiving care at CentraState, can contact our Insurance Verification line at 732-294-2632.

Inpatient Average Charges

A diagnostic related grouping, or DRG, is how Medicare and other health insurance companies determine payment for a patient’s hospital stay. The charges are almost always not the price paid. The assignment of the DRG, based on patient diagnoses, procedures and other factors, determines the fixed amount the insurer will pay.

Audited Financial Statement 

The audited financial statement comprises the consolidated balance sheets and the related consolidated statements of operations, changes in net assets, cash flows for the years then ended, and the related notes to the consolidated financial statements.

IRS Form 990

Tax-exempt organizations, nonexempt charitable trusts, and section 527 political organizations file Form 990 to provide the IRS with the information required by section 6033.

Employee Health Plan Price Transparency

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