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United on the Front Lines

Hospital Heroes2020-06-27T16:39:08-04:00

Meet some of CentraState’s fearless heroes who bravely rose to the unprecedented task of fighting coronavirus in our community this past spring. Click the photos and videos below to see their stories.

The COVID-19 Leadership Team

The COVID-19 leadership team was developed as a coordinated approach to care for patients with the disease at the height of the pandemic.

Hospital staff worked together to implement enhanced safety and sanitation protocols, ensuring patients could access the healthcare they needed throughout the height of the pandemic and beyond.

The sound of chimes had a special meaning throughout the halls of CentraState Medical Center. Together, the team celebrated the good news of hope and recovery.

Seeing the ‘Heroes Work Here’ banner each day gave me the courage to keep working. Everything that the community has done for us—sending food, writing letters and posters, holding a mini-parade at the hospital—has meant so much.” – Daniella Davis, BSN, RN-BC

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