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MyChart Proxy Access

MyChart Proxy Access2022-09-18T13:01:47-04:00

Proxy Access allows parents, legal guardians, and caregivers to log into their personal MyChart account, and then connect to medical information for the patient they represent. Available access is based on the age of the patient and proper authorization.

MyChart Partial and Full Access

Partial Access

With Partial Access, proxies can:

  • See most of what patients can view, excluding information related to sensitive topics
  • Communicate with the doctor’s office

Proxies do not have the ability to:

  • Request prescription refills
  • View appointments
  • View clinical notes or medication information

Full Access

With Full Access, proxies can enjoy the same features and benefits available to the patient including:

  • Access test results
  • Communicate with the doctor’s office
  • Manage appointments
  • Request prescription refills
  • View clinical notes

MyChart for Various Age Groups

  • Children do not need a MyChart account.
  • Partial proxy access does not apply to this age group.
  • Full proxy access is available to parents and legal guardians. For patients age 0-11, clinical notes will not be available in MyChart.

To sign up for access to your child’s MyChart record, please complete this form and return to your physician’s office.

  • Parents can discuss if MyChart is an appropriate option for them at their next doctor’s office visit.
  • By default, proxy access is limited for this age group to help protect the privacy of our patients. Access changes begin on the patient’s 12th birthday.
  • With Agreement of the patient’s trusted care provider and patient authorization, full access is available. Proxy access is reassessed annually and ends on the patient’s 18th birthday.

The patient and parent/guardian must complete this form to be granted partial access to MyChart.

  • Patients can create a MyChart account of their own to stay connected to their health.
  • Partial proxy access does not apply to this age group.
  • Adult-to-adult proxy access is available with authorization from the patient.

Please complete this form to allow another individual access to your electronic health information through MyChart.

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