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COVID-19 Vaccine Myths Vs. Facts

COVID-19 Vaccine Myths Vs. Facts2021-01-15T16:26:40-05:00

Can you get COVID-19 from the vaccine? Does it alter your DNA? Does it affect fertility? Join John T. Gribbin, President and CEO, Chief Medical Officer James Matera, DO, and Family Practice of CentraState Medical Director Robert Pedowitz, DO to help inform your decisions about the COVID vaccines with facts.

Myths that they will address include:

  • At 1:33: The COVID-19 vaccine is unsafe because it was developed so quickly.
  • At 4:20: The COVID-19 vaccine will alter my DNA.
  • At 6:06: The COVID-19 vaccine includes a tracking device.
  • At 7:09: The vaccine has serious side effects, such as anaphylaxis.
  • At 9:12: You can’t get the vaccine if you have food or seasonal allergies.
  • At 10:13: COVID-19 vaccines cause infertility.
  • At 12:10: The vaccine causes Bell’s palsy.
  • At 14:26: The Pfizer vaccine is better than the Moderna vaccine.
  • At 17:07: The Moderna vaccine can’t be used in those who have dermatologic fillers.

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