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CentraState Launches Newest Women’s Health Apps

CentraState Launches Newest Women’s Health Apps

By |2019-02-05T09:00:41-05:00January 28th, 2019|

CentraState is happy to announce that it has launched two, free women’s health apps, GLOW and OvuKNOW.

The CentraState GLOW app allows expecting families to track their baby’s development with 3D, real-to-life graphics, and easily understand what to expect while expecting. The app mirrors the pregnancy journey, guiding you through every week of your pregnancy and helping you to stay organized and on top of both your and your baby’s changing needs.

The GLOW app features include

  • a detailed, realistic simulation of your baby’s world where you’ll experience movement, kicking, a heartbeat, and more.
  • a pregnancy journal that lets you store and share belly photos, note special pregnancy milestones, and record your experiences with tons of entry ideas.
  • an appointment tracker and reminders.
  • a personalized pregnancy timeline.
  • a weight tracker, kick counter and contraction timer.
  • access to CentraState hospital information and resources.

Whether you’re trying to conceive or simply want to keep track of your period, the OvuKNOW app from CentraState allows you to track and know your ovulation cycle. And the more you use it the smarter it gets, because as your personal data accumulates the better able it is to accurately predict your cycle phases, fertility window, ovulation and period dates.

The OvuKNOW app allows you to

  • view past cycle history and averages and projected period dates.
  • log symptoms, moods, medications and notes.
  • automatically determine temperature shift and peak day to identify ovulation day and most fertile window for conception.
  • set custom reminders and alerts.

With CentraState’s easy-to-use women’s health apps you’ll have everything you need before, during and after pregnancy—right at your fingertips, and safely backed up to your devices. Download the free GLOW app on your Apple or Android devices and the OvuKNOW app on your Apple devices through the Apple App store or Google Play. For more information, visit or email

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