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Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care2023-09-28T09:08:51-04:00

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Spiritual care services at CentraState support the hospital’s objectives of compassion, integrity, and care excellence through service, advocacy, education, and outreach. Our belief system can be a source of comfort and hope. People often seek out spiritual care when they wish to explore the meaning and purpose of their lives, seek spiritual wholeness, or reflect on personal religious integration.

Chaplains are key team members in spiritual care. They provide comfort and support for the spiritual well-being of patients, their loved ones, and staff members. They serve others through their spiritual being, listening, and relationships, striving to experience the reality of a greater presence and their abiding love for others as fully as possible.

Volunteer chaplains and CPE/seminary students visit patients and families as they make rounds throughout the hospital. We also provide for the religious and sacramental needs of our patients through:

  • Eucharistic Ministers bringing daily Holy Communion
  • A Catholic Priest offering the Sacrament of the Sick
  • Local synagogue staff visiting Jewish patients
  • Local Rabbis and ministers of other faiths available as requested

Volunteer Information

For more information about volunteer opportunities within our Spiritual Care Department, please call 732-294-2744.

Contact Us

For more information about Spiritual Care services, please call 732-294-2744.

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