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The Gloria Saker Women’s Heart Program at CentraState2020-05-26T09:19:55-04:00


Preventing Heart Disease in Women

If you’re like many women, you may tend to put family and “to-do” lists before your own needs. But if you’re noticing any heart disease symptoms, it’s something that you should not put off.

Heart disease is the number one killer of women in America. That’s why CentraState offers heart health strategies designed especially for women.

Located in our Star and Barry Tobias Ambulatory Campus, the Gloria Saker Women’s Heart Program at Centrastate was created to address the specific cardiovascular needs of women, which differ from men. We’ll assess your risk factors for cardiovascular disease and help you identify lifestyle changes – even small, easy-to-implement modifications – designed to reduce your risk and prevent heart disease.

Developed and managed by women, the Women’s Heart Program is led by medical director and board-certified cardiologist Sangeeta Garg, MD, and nurse practitioner Tricia Marceante, MSN, APN-C. We provide in-depth cardiac evaluations, individualized treatment plans, and assistance in preventing cardiovascular disease – including health, wellness, and fitness programs – all in partnership with your own physicians.



At The Gloria Saker Women’s Heart Program at CentraState, your cardiologist and nurse practitioner will guide you in making healthy lifestyle changes to help prevent or slow the progression of heart disease symptoms. Depending on your unique needs, we can help you with a healthy eating plan, smoking cessation advice, a weight management program, stress management techniques, a personalized exercise plan, or diabetes management.

Nutrition, Weight-Loss, and Stress Management Programs

We can connect you to an array of engaging wellness programs available at the Star and Barry Tobias Health Awareness Center to enhance heart health. These include:

  • Nutrition counseling—A registered dietitian designs a personalized approach to healthy eating and weight management.
  • Healthy cooking demonstrations—These interactive sessions feature different themes and are held in a teaching kitchen.
  • Weight-loss programs—Group sessions taught by registered dietitians are custom designed for those with cardiac risk factors.
  • Metabolic analysis—This includes sophisticated computerized metabolic rate analysis and interpretation of results, which is an important first step in achieving weight management goals.
  • Stress management programs—We offer an array of meditation and stress relief programs, with topics ranging from music-based healing to aromatherapy.
  • Meditative movement programs—Beyond the traditional tai chi and yoga classes, meditative movement programs are among the latest offerings at CentraState.

Health Coaches at CentraState

If you have diabetes or hypertension—both causes of cardiac issues—our registered nurse health coaches can provide free, personalized guidance to improve your heart health. They serve as a virtual arm of your physician practice to help you achieve your individual health goals.

Smoking Cessation Programs

We know it can seem daunting to quit smoking—but our trained tobacco dependence counselors provide proven methods to help you achieve your smoke-free goal. A group setting offers mutual support, positive reinforcement, and encouragement. Learn more about our smoking cessation classes.

Physical Activity

CentraState’s Fitness and Wellness Center offers the latest strength and cardiovascular equipment, two pools, and more than 170 group exercise classes each week for all fitness levels and ages. The latest offerings include a motivation-inspired experience called MovofitTM, which focuses on the science of behavior change to help you reach your full potential.


You can be referred to the Gloria Saker Women’s Heart Program at CentraState by your primary care physician, or request an appointment without a referral. To request an appointment, fill out the form or call 732-637-6366.

We accept many insurance plans. Please contact your insurance carrier to review your plan’s coverage and benefits. Certain cardiac imaging studies require pre-authorization, and our nurse practitioner can help you coordinate these.

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