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Back to the Slopes: Spine Surgery Ends Decades of Pain for Sports Enthusiast

By |2022-11-08T12:30:18-05:00January 18th, 2022|Categories: Health A-Z, Neuroscience|Tags: , , , , |

Andrew Ferrara was a three-sport high school athlete when he suffered a football injury that permanently sidelined his athletic career. He herniated two discs in his back as a teen. At the time, the surgery to repair it was risky. So instead, he wore a brace to stabilize his [...]

Throttling Through Rehabilitation: Learning to Walk and Getting to Ride Again

By |2021-06-28T12:20:42-04:00July 10th, 2021|Categories: Health A-Z|Tags: , |

While on vacation at his parents’ house in Durango, Mexico in April 2020, Victor Mendoza-Gutierrez was enjoying a typical ride on his motorcycle—until the driver of a car to his left ignored a stop sign at the intersection. Victor was unable to stop in time and the car slammed [...]

Back on the Trails After Posture Program

By |2022-11-08T12:37:30-05:00January 14th, 2021|Categories: Health A-Z|Tags: , , |

For years, Freehold resident and CentraState Associated Auxiliary member Marie Schubel dealt with stooped posture and pain due to spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease that significantly decreased her ability to walk. “I walked hunched over and couldn’t straighten up or stand for more than 10 minutes,” explains Marie, [...]

Preschooler Finds His Voice with Speech and Occupational Therapy

By |2021-06-16T14:42:52-04:00January 13th, 2021|Categories: Health A-Z|Tags: , |

Before Chandler, age 3, started speech and occupational therapy at CentraState’s OceanFirst Rehabilitation Center, he spoke very little and communicated primarily with pointing, despite having early intervention services. After months of intensive therapy, this now-talkative child has found his voice. Chandler suffered from recurring ear infections that made hearing, [...]

Sensational Saxophonist Overcomes COVID-19 with Aggressive Treatment and Faith

By |2021-03-25T01:34:20-04:00November 15th, 2020|Categories: Coronavirus|Tags: , , |

“Screamin’ Steve” Barlotta is a fixture at the Jersey Shore. As the saxophone player for the Sensational Soul Cruisers, he typically performs 200 shows a year. This spring, however, he was struggling to breathe while battling COVID-19. Following a round of antibiotics for strep throat in mid-March, Steve, 57, [...]

New Movement Disorder Program Offers Neurological Expertise

By |2022-09-06T11:08:56-04:00October 16th, 2020|Categories: Health A-Z|Tags: , , |

Mobility and function are among the key indicators of good health across the lifespan, according to Brian Mason, PT, DPT, clinical director of rehabilitation services at CentraState. If you notice you’re having any issues in these areas, CentraState now offers a new Movement Disorder Program that’s designed to detect any [...]


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