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Live Life Well Event Series

CentraState's Novo Nordisk Diabetes Center is holding a Diabetes Forum.

Join us for CentraState's Diabetes Forum, presented by the Novo Nordisk Diabetes Center for adults and families trying to manage diabetes. Physicians will speak about diabetes, it's management and related health topics with question-and-answer periods after each lecture. The event will also include a health fair where participants can meet and speak with a variety of vendors who will provide diabetes information.

The free event is on Tuesday, April 22; 5:30-8 pm at CentraState's Star and Barry Tobias Ambulatory Campus, Conference Center, 901 W. Main St., Freehold.
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Diabetes Forum - Lectures and Times

Prediabetes: A Wake-Up Call 5:30-6 pm

MaryKate Wehrhagen, RN, MA, CDE, CNS
What is prediabetes? Are you at risk for it? Find out the answers to these questions and how proper diet and exercise can help you manage prediabetes and reduce your risk for developing diabetes.

Healthy Eating, Weight, and Blood Sugars 6-6:30 pm

Jennean Schram, MS, RD, CDE
Discover how small changes in meal planning can make big changes in blood sugar, blood pressure, and weight. Eating simple, wellbalanced meals will help you keep your health on track. Plus, you'll look and feel great.

Top Tips for Managing Stress 6:30-7 pm

Stephanie O’Neil, RN
Stress can contribute to blood sugars going awry. Learn how to counter stress with relaxation techniques such as breathing, mindfulness, and visualization. Mastering these simple approaches will give you life-long tools for staying calm, balanced and stress free.

Balancing Life with Diabetes 7-7:30 pm

Saima Farghani, MD
When it comes to living with and managing diabetes, information is power. The more you know, the better equipped you will be to manage your blood sugars and live a healthy, happy life. Discussion will include lifestyle changes and how to incorporate diabetes care into your daily routine. The importance of professional and family support will also be discussed.

What to Know About Diabetes and Oral Health 7:30-8 pm

Kaitlyn Leff, RDH, BS
People with diabetes are at higher risk for gum problems. Learn the warning signs of gum disease and how you can prevent it by practicing good oral hygiene, maintaining your sugar levels, and improving your overall health.

Upcoming Live Life Well Events

  • Baby Fair (Freehold) - April 8

  • Diabetes Forum (Freehold) - April 22

  • Health and Wellness (Monroe) - May 10

  • Neuro Wellness (Freehold) - May 27

  • Cancer Survivor Day (Freehold) - June 1

  • Health & Wellness (Freehold) - June 24

More details coming soon! Fill out the form on this page and we will contact you as soon as they are available.

For more information about these events call The Star and Barry Tobias Health Awareness Center at 732-308-0570.

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