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Walk This Way

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Want to make your walking routine more challenging and fun? Follow these tips from CentraState physical therapist Patti Guttormsen, PT, DPT.

Turn up the tunes 

Turn up the tunes and keep up with the beat of the music. It’ll help you pick up the pace and maintain it. A moderate pace is 100 beats a minute – think “Crazy in Love” by Beyoncé. To kick it up a notch, walk to music between 120-140 beats per minute – like “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” by Whitney Houston.

Vary the terrain 

Vary the terrain by walking on the beach, sand or trails. It requires a different kind of effort than walking on paved roads.

Use benches

Use benches or elevated surfaces in a park to do pushups, tricep dips and squats.

Find a track with bleachers

Find a track that has bleachers so you can mix in walking up and down the steps – it’s a great way to take your cardio to the next level.

Don’t forget curbs 

Take advantage of curbs on quiet streets. Use them as a balance beam to work on your balance and stability and for heel raises and calf stretches.

Keep moving 

Keep moving while waiting at a stop light by doing squats, lunges and walking in place.

“Remember, it’s important to make sure your walk is as safe as it is fun,” says Guttormsen. “Be aware of your surroundings, walk during daylight hours and keep one ear free from headphones or earbuds so you can hear the noise around you.”

What to see these exercises in action?

Watch this workout advice in action here.


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