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3 Tips to Raise Confident Kids

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It’s a tough time to be a kid. But if the pandemic has confirmed anything, it’s that kids are pretty resilient–especially when adults in their lives help them along the way. Here are three things you can do to raise confident kids:

  1. Be consistent. Some household rules might have changed recently (think screen time), but that doesn’t mean that all rules are out! Remind your kids of the rules that matter most and be consistent about them. No phones at the dinner table? Done. Wearing masks when going out? Easy. Children can be more confident when they know the rules.
  2. Set realistic goals. Reasonable goals help avoid feelings of failure. If your teen thinks he’s going to make the big leagues but can’t make the high school team, discuss some reachable short-term steps that can help him along the way.
  3. Instill independence. Create situations where they can do things for themselves, making sure the situation is happening in a safe environment. Show them how to make a favorite food or work the washer. Then stand back and watch them grow in confidence with each small experience. As they get bigger entrust them with bigger responsibilities, such as caring for a pet or watching a younger sibling.


  1. Can they listen and follow instructions?
  2. Has your child shown good judgment in past situations?
  3. Do they enjoy being with younger children?
  4. Are they comfortable staying home alone?
  5. Are they able to calmly handle any emergency situation or other problems that arise?

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