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3 Ways to Healthy Aging

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Everyone can improve their health and live with passion and purpose. “It’s not about aging—it’s about aging well,” says CentraState healthy aging coach Brandon Eldershaw. “We work hard to retire—we need to ensure we’re healthy and independent enough to enjoy it. These powerful programs give you the tools you need to stay mobile, sharp and vital –at any age!

  1. Function for Life
    How well does your body function for your age? Take a free mobility and memory test to see how you compare to others in your age group. Learn how you can improve your overall body function for years to come.
  2. Minds in Motion
    Constantly forgetting things? Bolster your memory, including remembering names. From memory boosting games to neurobics (exercises for the brain)—learn simple strategies to enhance your cognitive abilities and your life.
  3. A Matter of Balance
    Stand steady and strong. Learn how to improve your balance, flexibility, and strength to reduce the risk for falls and confidently participate in activities you enjoy.

Remember, you can’t will your way to healthy aging, but you can well your way there. Call 732.294.2700 for a FREE assessment or to register for these three programs.

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