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A Screening That Can Reveal Your True Age

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While falling, tripping, or clumsiness can happen to anyone at any age, if it happens frequently, it may be your body calling out that something needs attention. As it turns out, your balance is often a reflection of your overall health and can help identify your “real” age.

“Balance requires strong core and leg muscles, good vision, and intact body sensation,” says Beth Ando-Brenman, a community health educator at CentraState. “Mechanisms within the inner ear also regulate balance. Your brain’s ability to decode the signals and respond appropriately becomes more taxing with age. That’s why balance provides good insight into your overall health and can even be used to predict longevity.”

A balance and posture screening can find small problems that can be improved with physical therapy, strength training, and activities such as tai chi or even a new eyeglass prescription.

“A lifestyle focused on strong muscles, a healthy heart, and a flexible body is a great start at preserving balance,” says Ando-Brenman.

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