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A Solution for Worsening Knee Pain

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For decades, Dr. Kohlberg had exercised regularly on a treadmill so he could stay fit for weekly tennis matches and annual ski trips with fellow CentraState physicians. But over the past year, worsening pain in his right knee prevented him from enjoying the sports he loved. Eventually, the pain became severe enough to wake him up at night.

As a physician, Dr. Kohlberg diligently researched his options and first pursued conservative approaches like weight loss, steroid injections, and a knee brace. He soon knew, however, that the next step was surgery—and that the right place was CentraState. “I trained in New York City and could have gone anywhere, but I know CentraState and I know the OR,” Dr. Kohlberg says. “I wasn’t going to get better care anywhere else.”

Partial Knee Replacement Surgery
Dr. Kohlberg underwent a right unicompartmental knee surgery, or “uni,” with Alan Nasar, MD, and Gregg Berkowitz, MD, both board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons on staff at CentraState. In accord with his passion for learning, Dr. Kohlberg requested local anesthesia so he could watch the entire procedure on a monitor. “About one in five patients needing knee surgery is a candidate for a unicompartmental procedure, which is a partial knee replacement most suitable for active patients who do not have arthritis throughout the knee,” Dr. Berkowitz explains. “It’s less invasive than a total knee replacement, and sizing, alignment, and precision are critical for success.”

Dr. Nasar adds, “We’ve been performing unicompartmental procedures for more than a decade, yet we still bring improvements to our practice every day. We accomplish this by examining outcomes, staying current on the latest research findings, and making improvements in areas ranging from surgical nuances to medication management. For me, it’s part of what makes surgery so interesting and gratifying—and it’s also reflected in patient results.” Dr. Kohlberg returned home the same day as his surgery and began physical therapy. In about three weeks, he was back at work, and also building strength and range of motion with the aid of team members at CentraState’s OceanFirst Rehabilitation Center. “It’s been smooth sailing, and my tennis game is improving,” adds Dr. Kohlberg, who joined fellow physicians on the annual ski trip to Colorado in January and even navigated the more challenging slopes. “I couldn’t ask for a better outcome or a better team.”

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