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Staying Strong, Informed and Inspired After Cancer Treatment

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While the end of cancer treatment can be a time for celebration, for some survivors it may also be the beginning of a new chapter filled with questions and concerns about what comes next.

“Survivors may experience a wide array of emotions when treatment is over—but they do not need to deal with these feelings alone,” says Barry Asch, CentraState’s assistant vice president of Cancer Services.

CentraState’s Life After Cancer survivorship program helps survivors transition to their “new normal” following treatment. This free program meets once a month in the evenings at the Statesir Cancer Center and utilizes a group setting to provide support, guidance, and information for survivors and their caregivers. Survivors have the opportunity to share their triumphs and tribulations and network with people who understand the cancer journey.

Each meeting focuses on new themes and discussion topics addressing real-life issues, including stress reduction, navigating relationships, healthy lifestyle tips, preventive care, and more. A cancer navigator attends each session to share the many resources and wellness opportunities available at CentraState. Attendees do not need to have been treated at CentraState to participate.

For more information about CentraState’s Life After Cancer survivorship program, please call 732-303-5042.

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