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Build Better Bone Health

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Put some pressure on your bones—it’s good for them!

Your bones are alive. Like muscles, they are living tissue and respond to pressure. When bones undergo good stress, such as bouncing, walking, or jumping, they will grow new cells.

To maintain strong, healthy bones, two types of exercise are important:

High & Low Impact Weight Bearing

  • Dancing
  • Hiking
  • Stair climbing
  • Jumping
  • Fast walking

Muscle Strengthening

  • Lifting free weights
  • Workout machines
  • Resistance using your own body weight
  • Elastic bands

These types of exercise—along with eating well, getting enough calcium and vitamin D, and avoiding excessive drinking and smoking—can help keep your bones healthy for life!

Start with a bone density screening

CentraState provides a quick and simple bone density screening. You’ll discover the density and strength of your bones and see whether you’re at risk for developing osteoporosis, a weakening of the bones that can lead to breaks.

Osteoporosis risk factors

  • Age: risk increases with age
  • Gender: affects more women than men
  • Being petite: small, thin women are at higher risk
  • Family history: if one of your parents had it, you’re more likely to develop it
  • Menopause: dropping estrogen can put bones at risk

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