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CentraState Pediatrician Eases Father’s Worries

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“She has a very soothing manner,” Joe says. “When I had two daughters, we chose her for our family pediatrician.”

centrastate pediatricianJoe Colucci of Howell remembers being nervous about going to the doctor when he was younger. However, once he started seeing Zubaida Sadik, MD, board-certified pediatrician with Sadik and Associates and on staff at CentraState Medical Center, he never felt anxious or afraid about the doctor.

Now, his daughters Emma, 7, and Grace, 4, receive Dr. Sadik’s gentle care. “She has a very soothing manner,” Joe says. “When I had two daughters, we chose her for our family pediatrician.”

When Emma was born, the Colucci family needed all the reassurance they could get. A big baby, Emma weighed more than 9 pounds when she was delivered at CentraState. Emma breathed in some meconium, the feces produced by very young infants, and had to spend 10 days in the neonatal unit after birth.

“Dr. Sadik knew the doctors and nurses in the unit,” Joe says. “It made us feel better knowing she had that close professional relationship with them. They always kept us in the loop.”

Although Dr. Sadik and the Colucci family were concerned about Emma’s future development, she has exceeded expectations and was one of the youngest students entering second grade at her school this past fall. She enjoys dancing, gymnastics, playing with her dolls and shopping with her mother.

“It helps to have the support of a familiar pediatrician when a child is in neonatal care,” Dr. Sadik says.

“Emma had some difficulties at birth, and of course her parents were very distressed. Since then, she has done well; our relationship is one of continuous care, just asking questions and keeping the lines of communication open.”

Joe Colucci isn’t the only former patient who sends his children to Dr. Sadik’s office. Like many people in the Freehold area, Joe was born at CentraState, which was then Freehold Area Hospital.

“A lot of my friends from high school went to her practice,” Joe says. “Now they’re sending their children to her. Dr. Sadik has a very calming manner combined with great professionalism. She communicates clearly, and she really has the ability to put people at ease.”

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