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Childproofing and Preventing Household Accidents

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The pediatricians in the Emergency Department at CentraState Medical Center offer parents these tips to help keep kids safe around the house.

Injuries in the home
These are one of the top reasons children visit the ER. Keep any object that is sharp, hot, toxic, or a choking hazard out of children’s reach and secured in drawers and cabinets with childproof latches. Install outlet covers to avoid an accident.

The Bathroom
Never leave a child in the bathtub alone. An adult should be present during a bath at all times. Keep all medicine cabinets locked.

The Kitchen
Keep pot handles turned inward on the stove, make sure cleaning supplies and plastic bags out of reach, and lock all appliances such as the oven and dishwasher.

The Bedroom
Secure dressers and armoires to the wall with draws shut, keep blind and curtain cords out of reach, and make sure the crib is firm and flat.

The Playroom
Be sure to keep out toys with small, sharp, or removable pieces. Install outlet covers to ensure your child’s safety while playing on the floor.

The Backyard
Keep all walkways clear and well lit and be sure that outdoor playsets are dry, secured to the ground, and free from splinters.

Non-Childproofed Areas
Install doorknob covers and safety gates to limit access to areas that are not childproofed.

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