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Do Posture Correctors Work?

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We all do it. We slouch our way through the day—over our desk, lunch, phone. By day’s end, you’ve got an achy back or neck and you’ll try anything to feel better—even purchasing a posture corrector, a brace-like device that claims to help stop the slouch. But do they really work?

“Posture correctors can make us more mindful of our posture, short-term,” says CentraState community health educator Beth Ando-Brenman, PT. “They’re helpful after an injury, much like a compression bandage stabilizes an injured ankle, but they fail to engage the muscles that are necessary for long-term posture control.”

If you find yourself slouching throughout the day, Ando-Brenman suggests trying this 3-step posture reset:

  1. Stand with your shoulder blades and butt against the wall.
  2. Gently glide your head back to touch the wall without moving your chin up or down.
  3. Step away and try to hold this alignment for as long as possible. Repeat when you need a reminder.

This exercise and others like it can reduce back strain, improve your posture, and reduce your risk of falling as you age.

Looking for more ways to get rid of your slouch? Join us for a Don’t Fall, Stand Tall screening.

There are two ways to participate. You can call 732-308-0570 to schedule an appointment for a $10 in-person screening. We also offer a Don’t Fall, Stand Tall virtual program, which includes video instructions for three at-home screenings, plus access to our on-demand and live Safe Chair Yoga, Safe & Steady, and Tai Chi classes.

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