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Eat Your Way to a Healthy Colon

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5 Foods for a Healthy Colon

A healthy colon’s main job is to, ahem, keep things moving. Exercise and drinking plenty of water certainly help in that department, but what you eat may be the biggest help of all.

To keep your colon in tip-top shape and reduce your risk of gastrointestinal issues and diseases like diverticulitis, IBS and colon cancer, gastroenterologist Amy Tilara, MD, recommends including these 5 colon-friendly foods in your diet.

1)  Low-Fat Yogurt

This fermented dairy product contains probiotics, live bacteria that help keep your gastrointestinal tract disturbance-free by maintaining a healthy balance between good and bad gut bacteria.

2)  Fruits & Veggies

Colorful, fiber-rich fruits and vegetables like berries, bananas, broccoli and beets keep you regular and lower your risk of developing hemorrhoids, diverticulitis and colorectal cancer.

3) Oatmeal

Packed with fiber, calcium and vitamin D, this breakfast favorite helps increase nutrient absorption and improve bowel health, keeping your digestive system running smoothly.

4) Salmon

Studies suggest that including the right quantity of fattier fish into your diet can help reduce inflammation in the colon and improve gut health. Seafood lovers dive in.

5) Legumes

Beans and lentils are chock full of fiber. Eating them regularly keeps your digestive tract healthy and may also lower your risk for colon polyps (small growths that can be cancerous).

45 is the New 50 for Colorectal Screenings

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