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Fitness in the Family

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Fitness in the Family
After completing CentraState’s cardiac rehabilitation program to address a heart condition, 84-year-old Galina Balsirow often depended on a walker to remain mobile. To continue improving her heart health and gain balance and strength, she and her daughter, Emily, joined CentraState Fitness & Wellness Center with a goal to get healthier together.

Trainer Meghan Hogan worked with Galina, a former athlete, providing her with a customized regimen of safe exercises that were appropriate for her physical limitations. After nine months of functional training that focused on specific muscles to improve strength, gait, and heart health, Galina was walking without the aid of a walker.

“Galina is very dedicated,” says Meghan. “She is driven to accomplish feats that would be a challenge for those half her age.”

Taking Care of Mom and Herself
As a caregiver, Emily was motivated to stay healthy for her mother and to ease her own hip pain that was interfering with daily activities. Trainer Sharon Dilts introduced corrective exercises as part of her personalized program. She eventually challenged Emily with more difficult workouts. Now, Emily performs bench presses, holds planks, and uses the suspension-training system.

“Emily’s positivity and dedication led to tremendous improvements in remedying her hip pain and improving overall strength,” notes Sharon.

In addition to working with those who are dealing with specific health issues, the center offers expertise and equipment for fitness buffs and athletes. As an added benefit to members, onsite nurses are available for an initial evaluation and quarterly assessments—along with valuable health guidance that brings peace of mind and better results.

For more information about CentraState Fitness & Wellness Center, visit or call 732.845.9400.

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