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Freehold Resident Taps into Training to Lose 108 Pounds

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You could say that MaryAnn Horowitz used to be a different person. At age 64, she was struggling with high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, was pre-diabetic, had little energy, felt trapped in a relationship that wasn’t working, and was more than 100 pounds overweight.

“I was scared,” says MaryAnn, a Freehold resident. “I didn’t want to go on diabetes medication for the rest of my life, and I had been referred to a cardiologist because of my medical issues. I knew something had to change.”

Four years ago, after reading about weight loss and consulting with Nancy Peters, MD, her board-certified primary care physician on staff at CentraState, MaryAnn made the decision to eat a diet low in calories and fat and start exercising. To help her stay focused, she started a journal to track what she ate, took a healthy cooking class, and joined CentraState’s Fitness and Wellness Center.

“It’s one thing to be sick, but it’s another to suffer because we don’t take control of our eating habits,” she says. “I didn’t want my health to continue to suffer, so I went ‘cold turkey,’ changed my mindset, and never looked back.”

Support Facilitates Progress

MaryAnn was paired with a Fitness and Wellness Center trainer who taught her how to use each machine and helped develop a custom workout plan. After a few weeks of exercising and eating more healthfully, MaryAnn met with a nurse at the center to track her progress.

“I got on the scale and learned that I’d lost 10 pounds,” MaryAnn says. “I jumped up and down! I was so happy that things were turning around for me. It’s been a total attitude change.”

MaryAnn typically spends a half-hour each on upper cardio, free weights, and a stationary bicycle five days a week. The center isn’t just about exercise, though; it’s also her social hub.

“It’s a beautiful facility, it’s convenient, and I can watch TV and talk to the friends I’ve made here,” she adds. “It’s a win-win situation—there’s no way I can fail with that kind of support system.”

Now 68, she’s lost 108 pounds, dropping from size 24 to size 4. She’s hoping to organize a women’s group at the center to share her journey and recipes to inspire others to take charge of their health, and she is looking forward to trying a slow yoga class to change up her workout and stay motivated.

When asked what advice she’d give others struggling with their weight and associated medical issues, MaryAnn says, “Going to the gym at CentraState is like having a job that you really enjoy. Getting there is the hardest part, but once you do, you can achieve anything you put your mind to.”

For more information about CentraState’s Fitness and Wellness Center for a free fitness assessment or call 732-845-9400.

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