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Hip Arthroscopy Can Reduce Pain and Delay Arthritis

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Hip arthroscopy, a minimally invasive procedure for patients with hip pain, is now available at CentraState. This highly specialized surgery has the power to slow or prevent the progression of arthritis in the hip and potentially postpone the need for a hip replacement.

“Hip arthroscopy can improve quality of life for patients and keep them feeling healthier for longer,” explains Garret Sobol, MD, orthopedic surgeon at CentraState.

The procedure is most commonly used to treat a condition called impingement, which is when the hip ball and socket no longer rotate with ease. This might be due to a tear in the cartilage that lines the hip socket or a deformity to the bone that surrounds the hip ball or socket. Both conditions can lead to hip pain, and if not treated, can develop into arthritis. Arthroscopy can also be used to explore the cause of undiagnosed hip pain and remove inflamed joint lining, excess cartilage, and bone spurs in the hip.

To perform the delicate procedure, the surgeon inserts a camera called an arthroscope, along with surgical tools, through three one-centimeter incisions on the hip to clear the impingement. In most cases, patients can have hip arthroscopy early in the morning and be home by lunch. Recovery requires a brace to stabilize the hip joint and physical therapy for a few weeks.

The procedure has typically only been available at larger metropolitan hospitals.

“This is a win-win for our patients with hip pain,” says Dr. Sobol. “They can now receive the specialized care they need close to home.”

For more information on orthopedic services at CentraState, visit or call 866-CENTRA7 (866-236-8727).

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