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How to Know if You’re Pregnant

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When a woman becomes pregnant her body will begin to show signs of her pregnancy. If you suspect you’re pregnant, a simple pregnancy test can confirm if you are pregnant. And the sooner you know for sure, the better, so you can start seeing an OBGYN for prenatal care.

Early Pregnancy Signs
Some common signs of pregnancy are:

  • Missed menstrual period. You might think this is the most obvious sign of being pregnant, and it is, but some women can actually still have a light period after they’ve become pregnant.
  • Nausea or vomiting at any time of the day. So-called “morning sickness” can hit different women at different times, or may not occur at all. Nausea from being pregnant can have feelings similar to premenstrual symptoms, but lasting longer.
  • Unusual fatigue or sleepiness. Moodiness or irritability. An unusual metallic taste in your mouth.
  • Loss of all or most of your usual inclinations for coffee, tea, wine and other alcoholic drinks.
  • Heaviness or tenderness in your breasts and a mild tingling in your nipples.
  • Increased need to urinate

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