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How to Build Your Healthiest Immune System

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We’ve been wearing a mask and social distancing for one year now, but is there anything more we can be doing to stay well? Besides getting the vaccine when it’s available to you, CentraState Chief Medical Officer James Matera, DO, suggests these 3 ways to build a stronger immune system.

  • Quit smoking. “Smokers are at a disadvantage when trying to fight off respiratory illness because of the negative effects of smoking on their lungs,” says Dr. Matera. Quitting smoking increases oxygen levels, lowers inflammation and improves circulation—all of which give your immune system a boost.
  • Get to a healthy weight. Obesity reduces your ability to fight off diseases, says Dr. Matera. Work toward a healthy weight by improving your diet and getting more physical activity. This will allow your body to shift its focus from fighting chronic inflammation to fighting off new diseases and infections.
  • Eat foods to help gut health. Poor gut health from an unhealthy diet is connected to a weakened immune system. Follow a more plant-based diet, eat fermented foods, and watch your sugar intake, suggests Dr. Matera. That can help you combat any disease better.

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