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How Your Feet Clue You In to Your Health

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That funny colored toenail could be trying to tell you something.

“Your feet can be a good window into your overall health,” says CentraState foot and ankle surgeon/podiatrist John A. Brandeisky, DPM, MS, FACFAS. “A thorough foot exam can reveal everything from diabetes to cancer to a nerve disorder.”

Here are some common symptoms that could signal something more serious:

  • Cold feet and toes could suggest peripheral artery disease or circulation problems.
  • Discolored toenails could be a fungus or, if dark lesions are present, melanoma, a type of skin cancer.
  • Numbness and tingling may indicate the onset of diabetic neuropathy or another neurologic condition.

Visit a podiatrist if you have these or any other unusual symptoms. If you have diabetes, visit at least annually. Your podiatrist will check for neuropathy, treat bunions and trim toenails. Cutting your own toenails with diabetes can lead to infections and more serious issues.

And always make sure you give your feet a little love by taking care of them: Wear properly fitting shoes, keep feet clean and dry, and maintain a healthy weight.

Your feet have a lot to say about the health of your body. It’s important to listen to them.

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