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Is a Family Medicine Physician Right for Your Child?

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Family medicine physicians serve as the hub for a patient’s care—and often, they are the center of an entire family’s health and well-being. These specialists see patients at every stage of life, including newborns, children, and teens.

“We want our pediatric patients of all ages to know that their doctor’s office is a place where they can open up and feel safe,” says Jaclyn Guliano, MD, MS, FAAFP, board-certified family medicine physician at Family Practice of CentraState. “We care for all aspects of their lives, from physical well-being and nutrition to internet safety and mental health.”

Below, Dr. Guliano shares a few of the reasons why a family medicine physician may be best for your child or teen.

Preventive care insight

With an understanding of your family’s health history, family medicine physicians can recommend the best preventive care for your child. They work with their patients to personalize timelines for screenings based on family and personal risk factors.

Long-lasting relationship

Children won’t “age out” of their family medicine physician’s care. A trusted doctor-patient relationship can be fostered for years—or a lifetime.

A comfortable environment

Older children and adolescents may feel more comfortable in a family practice environment without décor meant for babies and toddlers. This type of atmosphere may encourage kids and teens to feel more at ease discussing personal matters with their doctor.

One-stop shop

In addition to yearly exams and sports physicals, family medicine physicians also accommodate emergency visits, gynecological care, and mental health visits for your child or teen—and the whole family. This means less shuffling the family around to see different specialists and more time focused on watching your child grow.

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