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It’s Fine to Not be FINE

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When was the last time you told someone you were “fine,” and you weren’t? We’re conditioned to say we’re fine, but it’s important to admit when we’re not and address the issues that are causing us stress. Otherwise, the real meaning behind “FINE” becomes Feelings Inside Not Expressed.

Our worries and joys stay with us wherever we go, but we can address them at the proper time and place. If we don’t, our physical and emotional health can become compromised,” says Kim Simers, MHA, Assistant Vice President, Integrative Health at CentraState.

Try these daily coping tools to manage emotions and burdens, address stressors and naturally boost our “happy” hormones:

  • Acknowledge pent-up emotions and stressors
  • Connect with friends you can be honest with
  • Make time to relax for pleasure
  • Commune with the sounds and imagery of nature
  • Practice deep breathing and listen to guided meditation
  • Move your body and eat mindfully
  • Be gentle on yourself and reinforce with positive affirmations
  • Set healthy boundaries where it’s okay to say no
  • Seek out professional counseling if symptoms of anxiety or depression surface

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